Grumman F6F Hellcat video

I'm getting more and more interesting in Grumman F6F Hellcat World War 2 fighter.

I've searched YouTube today and found a truelly interesting video of the subject aircraft, which seems to have that World War 2 American aircraft charisma. Something from post war Cadillac - big and secure. At least seems so.

Anyway, here you go:

Future Eduard 1/48 scale kits

I know you might be have already informed of new Eduard 1/48 kits, but I just think it will be interested to share with you:


"There will be only one new kit in March, which will be the Focke-Wulf Fw 190A-5 in the Weekend Edition. So, nothing really new in the true sense of the word. Just a notice for the guys who love to compare prices, these WEEKEND kits bring similar box contents as the other manufacturers’ standard kits. Plastic, decals, and instructions. The photo-etch and masks are still a little bit above standard.

Focke-Wulf Fw 190A-5In April, we want to re-release the Spitfire Mk.22/24 in 1/48th scale. I forgot to let you know about this in the January newsletter, so you know it now. There will also be the I-16 type 10 in Spanish markings in a Weekend Edition offering.
Spitfire Mk.22/24
Some lines caught my attention most. You know that I'm true Luftwaffe subjects fan and when it comes to Doras.. Focke-Wolf FW-190D-9 was my first "normally" built model and my 1st scale modelling love. That's why I'm always interested to read or to see Dora models. Anyway, here's very interesting text on Eduard's news:

"...Last week we had a tough time with the Fw 190D nose, when the final shape didn’t jive with the blueprint plan. We spent long hours analyzing the problem, and to try and figure out why it didn’t look right. Finally, we got the nose which we were happy with, but it doesn’t mean it will be accepted by all future critics. Simply put, whoever sees the result for the first time, hasn’t necessarily the experience of these hours of analysis, or the done and re-done trial shapes."
One thing I haven't understood - which scale it's going to be?

F6F-3 Hellcat 1/48 - Eduard

Can't say that I love the lines of the American F6F-3 Hellcat World War 2 legendary fighter. But seing the one in Royal Navy camouflage turns on my interest towards the plane. Especially Eduard is releasing Royal Class kit ;)

Here's the one from Eduard's news (I'm just truelly in love with Eduard's new kits which feature masks - they save you some time and are just great in use (unlike the old Eduard's ones)):

F6F-3 HellcatRoyal Navy Hellcat Mk.I/Mk.II

Luftwaffe Im Focus

Long time ago I've surfed into the site of the magazine called "Luftwaffe Im Focus" (which mean "Luftwaffe in Focus in German). I've heard a lot about the magazine and its content.

"Luftwaffe Im Focus" is a real gem for every Luftwaffe enthusiast. I bet all Messerchmitt Bf-109 experts read this magazine. It's full with World War 2 Luftwaffe photos - ubpublished photos. All of you interested to see WW2 Luftwaffe aircraft photos (fighters, bombers, etc.), read professionally written in-depth articles, see historically correct profiles (and use them on your models) and get original Luftwaffe decals - check out "Luftwaffe Im Focus" and find out how you can purchase the journal. USing Brett Green's terms:

"Highly Recommended"

Here's content inside the latest "Luftwaffe Im Focus":

52 pages
65 photos, 4 in colour
3 colour profiles
2 colour Emblems
5 maps
Aircraft in Focus: The story of the Ta 152 “white 7", 5./JG 301
The story behind the photo: The Italian Air Force at the cannel front 1940/41
Portrait: Hptm. Heinz Fischer, III./St.G. 1
Allied fate: Killed after a raid on Wilhelmshaven (Hampden P4344, 21.7.1940)
Fate: Escaped! - KG 4 raid against Panzerwerk Gorki
Tail: Hptm. Prinz zu Sayn-Wittgenstein, Kdr. IV./NJG 5
Tail: A "Schiffsversenker" from LG 1
Document: KG 30 - Document for damaging a ship
Colourphotos: Fi 156 of 2.(H)/14 and squadron emblem
Colourphoto: Personal emblem on a Go 242 from
Go-Kommandos/Luftflotte 4
Unknown Emblem: The first and second emblem of 1.(H)/31
as well as photos of an unknwon B-17 in Luftwaffe duty,
the Ju 88 C-6 of nightfighter Lt. Heinz Rökker, JG 1 in the
defence of the Reich and much more


P-51C Mustang 1/48 Tamiya - Unbeatable Natural Metall Finish

Here's another astonishing build by Japanese modeller who name I unfortunatelly don't know. I've already mentioned him in the previous post.

So this time you'll be able to find out how to do a natural metal finish. You probably already know that is very difficult to get a natural metall finish look on the plastic model. Some modellers use metal foil to get as natural as metal can be ;)

Ok, less talking - more action. Here're some excellent pics of the build Mustang P-51C in 1/48 scale (Tamiya) with some minor modifications.

P-51C Mustang 1/48 Tamiya - Natural Metal Finish
Here's another great sample of Natural Metal Finish. This time it's P-47N1/48 built from Tamiya's kit with some serious modifications and "plastic surgery" ;)

P-47N Thunderbolt 1/48 Tamiya - Li'l Meaties' MEAT CHOPPER flown by Lt. Oscar F. PerdomoHere's how the author describes his method of doing Natural Metal Finish:

"Hybrid Painting Method" for natural metal
This method is hybrid of airbrush and brush painting. First, Mr.color's Super Metallic Chrome Silver was sprayed (slightly mixed #2 black). Second, Mr.color's Chrome Silver (straight from the bottle) was drybrushed on the sprayed surface. Drybrushed silver can express hairlines on the natural matal surface. Detailed painting method is as follows.
#1000 surfacer -> #8 Silver (for the base) -> Chrome Silver + #2 Black (spraying) -> Chrome Silver (drybrushing) -> #46 Clear (spraying) -> Markings(Yellow, Olive Drab, Insignia, etc) -> #2000 sand paper polishing (only for marking portions) -> decals -> #46 Clear & #30+46 Flat Clear (only for Olive Drab portion) -> weathering

(Quote from this article)


Building correct 1/48 Messerschmitt Bf-109F-4 Trop

Here's another inspiration for all your (scale) plastic surgeons. I'm aware that Hasegawa's and Tamiya's 109s aren't completelly geometrically correct. Hope you also get excited seing such operations :)

building correct Messerschmit bf-109
And the result:...

Messerchmit Bf-109F-4 Trop


Dioramas - creating natural water

I just couldn't share this video with you. I know some of us jut dream of building beatiful sea or ocean diorama, but don't know how to "build" a natural water.

Whilst searching for other scale modelling video tutorials, I've found this video. Which is part of the video tutorial on building Testors Curtiss Racer Diorama in 1/48 (I guess). This master shows how to replicate the water and waves - very inspiring.

Hmmm.. It seems I've got one float World War 1 fighter in my stash.. ;)

Tamiya 1/48 P-47D Thunderbolt Bubbletop Video Tutorial

Here's the video I've found recenlty on Youtube.com - Tamiya P-47D Thunderbolt Tutorial. It consists of 2 parts, both in Japanese. I know most of you, my colleagues, don't speak the language of the country of the Rising Sun, but the pictures speak for themself.

I know that not only beginners (like me), but also an experts will find many interesting knowhows in these videos. Enjoy and learn ;)

You can find plenty other video tutorials here.

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