fw-190 A-4 Focke Wulf 1/48 Tamiya

Focke Wulf finished


Fw-190A-4 almost ready for the shelf

Focke Wolf fw-190A-4 Tamiya
Fw190A-4 1/48 Tamiya

fw-190 A-4 1/48 scale tamiya
fw-190A-4 tamiya
fw-190A-4 tamiya
fw-190 A-4 Tamiya
Tamiya's 1/48 Fw-190A-3 modified to Fw-190A-4
Today I plan to spray the final flat cloat layer on the model and add small antena on the fuselage. It seems to me that the model is ready.

Here's the list of modifications that were made to the kit:
1. Tail tip scratchbuilt from A-3 version to A-4
2. Chute ejection mechanizm scratchbuilt on the wings' lower surface
3. Pitot tube made from brass tubes
4. Almost all balkenkreuz were masked and sprayed on the surface (except for the lower surface balkenkreuz'es that are decals)
5. Head armour plate scratchbuilt as I lost the original one from the kit. I also added couple of wires that are seen on all the photos of WW2 FW-190.
6. Brake lines added to the landing gear
7. I've tried to modify little Revi gunsight. Still need to practise to look it more convincing.

I might forget something, but the pics show it all.

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