Another Fw-190A-8 cockpit picture

One photo that I forgot to attach. The canopy is in place and is masked with Tamiya supplied kit's masks, so here's the last pics oof the canopy opened:

fw-190A-8 1/48 Tamiya cockpit painted and weatheredArmour plates that can be seen in this pics were later removed and replaced with thin plastic sheet scratchbuilt ones.

FW-190A-8 Sturmbock in progress

Well, just wanted to share some pics of my 1/48 Tamiya FW-190A-8/R8 "Rauhbautz". The fuselage and wings glued together. I've made some modifications to the kit:

1. Replaced armour plates around the pilot's place on the fuselage.
2. Antena mast on the fin tip was scratchbuilt - Tamiya or a shop managed to break the parts while transporting - just antenna fin tip was broken.
3. Oleos one the wheel legs were replaced with aluminium tubing.
4. Original Tamiya's drop tank was replaced with Eduard's (THANX TO JESPER!!) - and some minor scratchbuilding involved.
5. I'm in the begining of rivetting process... ;/

Anyway, here're some pics of the mentioned parts:

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American aircraft legends and flying freaks photos

Alexey Matveenko shared a great source of American aircraft legend photos. Some of them are legends, some are "flying legends" - and I really love those odd planes. Anyway, less talk - more action. Here's the link and here're some of my favourites (including some pics of Hellcat ;):

Grumman J2FGrumman F6F3 Hellcat
P-51D MustangThat's what I call a "flying freak", although I'd be very happy to build the model of such "freaks":



That's what I call a "PLASTIC FEVER"!

This a truelly inspiring post from Hyperscale Plastic Pics forum. This guy builds a fleet of World War 1 Fokker Dr.1 triplanes! That can be easily called "Plastic FEVER" :) I really respect that.

Fokker Dr.1


Not just another Messerschmitt Bf-109 video

Yesterday I had a chat with colleague-modeller Jesper and he told me about the video with 2 flying Messerschmitt Bf-109s. Which are flying nowadays! I've seen lost of World War 2 footage, but I really wanted to see flying Bf-109! Here it is:

The first to take off seems to be Bf-109K-4 or Bf-109G-10 (or G-14) while the second seems to be Bf-109G-2 (or F-4 - I'm not an "Experten" to judge). Anyway, this one is really great video!

Spitifre video

To go on with World War 2 in colour topic I post a very good quality Spitfire video. One thing I don't know - which version of Spitfire can be seen in this video?

Collection of WW2 Colour photos

Small update today - I've found a great collection of colour World War 2 pics here. Here're some of my favourites:

Washing Spitfire
World War 2 RAF bomberWorld War 2 Spitfire pilotsWorld War 2 Spitfire and Swordfish

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