F6F-5 Hellcat in 1/48

So what about building the ultimate F6F-5 Hellcat in 1/48 scale? Just check this build (and scale drawings!!!) by Jun Temma and make sure to come back to see the full story..

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Flugzeugfabrik by slava_trudu

You gotta see this. Alexander Nevzorov (aka slava_trudu) brings his latest diorama Flugzeugfabrik in 1/72 scale (!!!). Leaving me just speechless. This is will become the 1/72 scale Luftwaffe modelling & diorama classics.
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Building ultimate 1/48 scale f6f-4 Hellcat

Jun Temma is the modeling perfectionist. Just check his work on the 1/48 scale f6f-4 Hellcat. Perfecting every single detail ..


Olive Drab Weathering

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! Hope everyone is alright after the holidays.

Well, today I've found great colour photos of WW2 USAF nose art. What is more interesting to me are the documented pcitures of weathered Olive Drab. You know that I like weathering, that's why these pictures are of particular interest to me. Enjoy!




(I guess I can do that sort of "weathering" with my trusted Aztec. note that canopy glass is also not that clear - no need for Future Floor Wax ;)


As you can see from the photos above that there're quite noticable Olive Drab colour modulation. And don't blame on the film quality ;)


Corsair Birdcage Weathering

Work of art weathering. No more, no less. Simply perfect.

(click the image above to see more)


Diego Quijano's Starfighter

Guys, you gotta see this. This is another example of artistic craft and modelling experience. Please welcome maestro's Diego Quijano's 1/48 scale F-104 Starfighter (click the thumbnail to see the whole article):



slavatrudu 1/72 models

My bad. I haven't updated for a while... Frankly speaking, simply don't have much time. If anyone want to join and publish your works/photos/articles here, please use contact form below and just share your ideas. 

What I've found interesting and inspiring lately - couple of 1/72 scale builds by slavatradu. I really admire his works and he's truly talented modeling artist. Check out for yourself:

1:72 Blohm & Voss BV P.209.02

1:72 Payen P.350 Coupe Racer (scratchbuilt)
I'm thinking of contacting slavatrudu (aka Alexander Nevzorov) to ask for the interview. Would you be interested to read?

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