Late August update

Well, the hot summer of 2010 is almost over. Frankly speaking, I didn't have much time for modelling this summer. What about you? Although I was reading blogs and watching in-progress feature articles and learning some new stuff. Somehow the blog has started to attract spammers and hackers, so the blog started receiving spam comments almost weekly and I've also noticed a blogpost that had links to adult sites, which I've deleted. 

What another great thing that happened is that I've purchased couple of PYN-UP decals for P-51D - Pretty Fillies Part 1 and Part 2 (product #PYND48004 and #PYND48003). Those are very rare and are quite expensive. All I can say that print quality is just awesome. I don't think I should do another review because Steve from AircraftResourceCenter.com did a great job in his reviews. 

What I wanted to share with is another feature article by the fellow modeller from Belorussia - slava trudu. This time he builds resin Fairey Delta 1 (PRO Resin 1/72 scale kit). The in-progress are very inspiring although the whole article is in Russian. Anyway, enjoy!


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