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This goes for all F6F Hellcat fans - F6F Hellcat pilot instructions. And it's about how to operate with reall aircraft - not just F6F scale model building feature video :) Enjoy!


New Eduard 1/48 Focke Wulf Fw 190D-9 + Other News & Plans for 2010

Big news today - Eduard has posted their January 2010 newsletter. There're lots of new kits and also other interesting stuff.

The most interesting to me is Eduard's 1/48 Focke Wulf Fw 190D-9 (Dora). Old Hasegawa's Fw 190D-9 1/72 scale kit was the first the model I've built and painted. Brush painted ;) I have also built Tamiya's 1/72 Fw 190D-9 in Papagei Staffel of JV44 markings (using brilliant EagleCals decals). I really like Dora's lines and design - it's slick yet agressive. So I'm really looking forward for this kit.

Here're Eduard 1/48 Fw 190 D-9 kit contents according to Eduard site:

  • 6 attractive Luftwaffe marking options
  • Early flat and late bulged canopy (I guess it was also "Galland canopy")
  • Color photo-etched details
  • Express mask
  • Machine gun hatch engineered for all know hatch variants
  • Kit provides realistically engineered open landing wheel well roof with engine backside and other inner fuselage equipment inside
Marking Options:
  • 5./JG 301, Bad Langensalza, Germany, May 1945
  • Oblt. Hans Dortenmann, IV./JG 26, 1945
  • Stab/JG 4, Frankfurt am Rhein-Main, April 1945
  • I./EKG(J) or V./EJG 2, Pilsen, Czechoslovakia, May 1945
  • Stab/JG 6, Prag – Rusin, Czechoslovakia, May 1945
  • Oblt. Hans Dortenmann, I./JG 26, Spring 1945

I guess Eduard did a brillinat job with this one. I'm sure the kit will the same bestseller as their lines of 1/48 Fw190A. So the first kit to hit the shelves will be profipack - everything you'll need to build highly detailed (including engines section) model of Fw-190 D-9. Eduard did great job with the kit already preselling it - you can download model building instruction sheet.

Other Eduard's plans are impressive as well. We'll see from World War 1 biplanes like Albatros D.III OEFAG to modern era fighters like Mig-21.

What is more interesting and surpise is that Eduard is entering resin seats market with their brand new line - Brassin. As far as I understand - those will details sets combining resin and photoetch stuff:

Anyway, for more news and updates visit Eduard January 2010 newsletter here.

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