Other models by Brad Cancian

Previously I've posted couple pics of Brad's Cancian model. I've made a little investigation inside Aeroscale's forum and found some other truelly impressive models by Brad. So here's the list:

Roden 1/48 Junkers D.I by Brad Cancian
Bristol F2b 1/48 RodenBrad Cancian's - 1/48 CAC CA-6 Eduard 1/72 Nieuport Ni-17 by Brad Cancian
1/48 Eduard Albatros D.II by Brad CancianRoden 1/32 Albatros D.III by Brad Cancian
Brad's 1/72 Eduard Albatros DVaRoden 1/48 BE-12b by Brad Cancian
1/48 Eduard Albatros D.V by Brad CancianClick on the thumb to see more pics of the subject. When you feel little depressed - just browse through Brad's models and get inspired. :)

Brad Cancian's 1/48 Albatros W4

Here's the latest building of the modeller who models are my inspirations - Brad Cancian. I find Brad's new 1:48 Albatros W4 a masterpiece as always and it looks very realistic (although I must admit I haven't seen any real Albatroses yet :)


Documental film about Hans Joachim Marseille

I've found a film about Hans Joachim Marseille on Youtube. Highly recommended to all Luftwaffe and WW2 aircraft history fans.

New blog poll added

I've added a new blog poll right to the left menu column bellow "my links" section. As you can see it's called "Your scale of choise". Everyone of us have experemented within different scales and different modelling genres. But I would like to know what scale do prefer - you can always post your comments on the reason.

Personally I prefer 1:48 scale. I used to build aircrafts in 1/72, but my fingers and my eyes all seem to prefer a 1:48. I know that they would love 1:32 more, but I simply prefer smaller models that would not occupy my shelf. Although I'd love to build, for example, Hasegawa's new (I mean last - the model that was "published" in 2006 I guess) FW-190A-8 or Hasegawa's 1/32 Dora..

Anyway, feel free to comment and remember to vote!


Some in-progress pics of my Wurger

So here're some in progress of my tamiya's 1/48 Fw-190A-8 Sturmbock.
Later I've found that fuselage armour plates are not 100% right so I've replaced them with the scratchbuilt ones. At this moment fuselage and wings are glued together. Some minor changes are done here and there.

One of the pics shows that Tamiya's drop tank is wrong in shape - when you look in front of it you see that it's more oval than circular.

Another picture shows wheel wells and how I masked the gap inside the well which is very difficult to hide with filling and sanding - selh-adhesive foil comes in very handy!


2008 Upcoming Aircraft Kits

Here's the great list of scale aircraft model kits upcoming this year. It's all here.

I personally am very interested to get Techmod's kit of 1:48 Friedrichshafen FF.33

Upcoming Model 2008

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