Quick updates - decaling

Here're some pics taken by my trusted mobile phone camera. 
Progress pics of Tamiya's 1/48 FW-190A-3 converted to FW-190A-4.


A-4 pitot tube

here're couple of pics of pitot tube I've scratchbuilt for my 1/48 FW-190A-4. 
looks much better than Tamiya's ;)
at least I think so.

my favourite screensaver

here you can download the screensaver I personally use and advice 
to any aviation enthusiast. enjoy the flight! 


small FW-190A-4 update

I'd like to show some of my recent process pics of 1/48 FW-190A-4. I've masked and then airbrushed national insignia and some personal markings. I still need to do some correction here and there, but I'm quite happy with the results.



I've started modifying Tamiya P-47D-25 Razorback kit into earlier D-1 version, so I could build it into Capt. Gerald Johnson P-47D-1-Re "In the Mood" Thunderbolt. I already have the decals and I only lack Eduard's Zoom PE for the cockpit and some informaion on the a/c cockpit colour.

As you can see, I modified cowling flaps by adding plastic to kit's flaps. Quite an easy operation ;)
Here're some other pics of this part (pics are f poor quality as I was taking them with mymobile phone camera).



FW-190 progress shots

Last progress shots of my FW-190A-4 - fist masked then airbrushed crosses. Looks much more convincing than decals.


Flyboys - my comments

I went to see Flyboys the movie last sunday. I couldn't wait to see this film, so first thing on sunday's to-do list was - come to cinema and see "Flyboys"!

Frankly speaking, I was hoping to see more. Not sure what that "more" was, but I had mixed feelings about the film. Flight scenes and air combats are very spectacular, but they lack some kind of "reality" feeling... I remember watching "Blue Max" flight scenes and I must admit they look much more convincing, keeping in my mind the fact that it was filmed back in 1966!

Anyway, good to see that someone is trying to show WW1 events. I also hope it'll show that any military action is irresponsible and no war can prove anything to anyone..

Eduard's FW-190A-8 preview

Brett Green of Hyperscale reviews new Eduard's 1/48 FW-190 A-8 kit. It seems I'll have to break my promise not to purchase new model kits untill I build all the kits waiting in stockpile ;)



Sophisticated and most inspiring scrathcbuilding

Frankly speaking, I'm quite lazy when building my models. But I try 
not to build them OOB (out-of-box). 
The modelers I admire the most are those who put their soul and 
skills in the models they build. 
I just love wathcing those step-by-step scratchbuilding process pics. 

I just wanted to share the link to the in-progress article of Tom Morgan on WW1 Modeling website. Check Tom's Nieuport 28 article here.

Some Focke-Wolf detail pics

I kow it's not quite logical to post pics of almost ready model and 
then post pics of in-progress pics, but I wanted to show these details anyway. 
Hope you'll like them.

This is the way FW-190A-4 cockpit looks like. I had overdone belts weathering. I'm not going to repeat this way of weathering anymore =]

 The photos above show tail section in different stages of scratchbuilding the tail antenna tip. I had to make it myself as Tamiya produces A-3 modification, not the A-4 I build.

By the way, any idea of whether Blogspot allow posting Nazi symbols like swastika? I wanted to post a FW-190A-4 color profile, but then realised it features swastika? May be I should reedit the profile?



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FW-190 wing camouflage


Some FW-190A-4 pics

This is Tamiya's 1/48 FW-190A-3 kit converted to A-4. All camouflage are airbrushed.


Flyboys - the movie

FlyBoysI count the days to see the movie. It features real flying Nieuports and Fokkers!!
Check the trailer and screenshots of Flyboys movie at www.flyboysthemovie.com
You might also be interested to know what Eduard have in mind about it. Check their Septemer newsletter issue here


Ni-17 in Russian service

Nieuport 17

Here you can find closer pics of 1/48 Eduard's Nieuport 17 in Russian service kit.

Some Ni-17 pictures


Ni-17 engine section modificatin

Eduard's Ni-17 1/48 kit has flaw I wanted to correct - too narrow engine cowling.
That's why I've made a cut in the cowling and added some 2 mm of plastic, which increased the part's diametre.

I still need to rebuilt it's normal shape, but I'm glad anyway.

Nieuport 17 tail section

This photo shows modified Ni-17 modified tail section. 
I thought it would give the whole model more realistic look. 

1/48 Eduard's Nieuport Ni-17

These are pics of 1/48 Eduard's Nieuport Ni-17 in Russian Service. They've been made some year ago as I stucked with engine problem. The thing is that Eduard gives completelly wrong instruction on engine mounting position. It should be mounted in counter wise way. Apart from that, engine exhaust pipes are very far from the original. That's why I'll get Vector 1/48 Le Rhone 100 -160Hp for this model. I hope I'll get it soon.


Bf-109G-6 Georg Amon

This is the picture of 1/48 Hasegawa Messerschmitt BF-109 G-6 flown by Georg Amon. The model I built some 2 years ago and which even been published on aircraftresourcecenter.com

The whole article is here

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