Chris Wauchop's Bf-109G-10/R3 1:32 Hasegawa

Here's Chris Wauchop lates model - Hasegawa's 1/32 scale Messerschmitt Bf-109G-10/R3.

Chris Wauchop's Bf-109G-10/R3Funny coexidense is that I'm in the process of building of the same subject from Hasegawa's kit in 1/48 scale with EagleCals decals!


Here're more pics from LIFE archives - Thunderbolt P-47

Also found some big pictures of big Jugs - WW2 USAF P-47 thunderbolts. Enjoy!

This one here looks like a good idea for my first diorama:

Some gorgeous WW2 pics

Found today on Hyperscale's forum - USAF during WW2 in Pacific. I guess it's Devastator, right?

other pics can be found here.
This photos shows the real condition of the worn out paint - really helpful for understanding of weathering.

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