Sturmbock in-progress

Little update of my Sturmbock in progress. I just have finished airbrushing mottling on the fuselage.. Which, frankly speaking, was pain in the... eyes. ;) The thing is that I tried airbrushing mottling yesterday and I thought the mottling is alright and I would go on decaling the model. But today I've changed my mind and totally was dissapointed with how the mottling looked on the model. Photos of the subject were totally different. That's why I have repainted the mottling today and I must admit I'm quite happy with the result. Well, it seems I tend to be happy at the evenings ;)

Anyway, here're the results (feel free to post your angry comments and critisize the mottling and the model :)

Tamiya's 1/48 scale FW-190A-8 Sturmbock
Tamiya's 1/48 scale FW-190A-8 Sturmbock
Tamiya's 1/48 scale FW-190A-8 Sturmbock

Great News For Tamiya's 1/48 Armour Fans

While surfing Japanese i-shop 1999.co.jp - I stumbled upon quite an interesting news - in the late August 2008 Tamiya is going to produce 1/48 scale F-117A Nighthawk with Humvee! I always wanted to have a military Hammer model in my collection, but none of the company made a 1/48 scale kit of it. I have a birthday in August and I guess I know what gift I'm gonna have ;)

1/48 Tamiya's F-117A Nighthawk with Humvee

My Biplane Assembly Jig Review on Aeroscale

Some time I had a small review post of Sram's Biplane Assembly Jig on the blog. You can also read the detailed review version and my opinion about the tool on Aeroscale here.

As always I'm very interested to read your opinion and comments. Thanx in advance!

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