Biplane Assembly Jig

As you might know, one of the most difficult things of building WW1 is attaching the second wing. Which in most of the cases sits on the wing and cabane struts. This the most difficult thing to me - to align and glue the top wing. Now I don't have to worry about it as I've purchased and already enjoy the features Biplane Assembly Jig. Here's the pic of the assembled Jig on Modelimex:

Biplane Assembly JigI have purchased my Jig for less 20 Euros on Modelimex online shop. You can purchase Sram's Biplane Jig here. Here's the picture of Biplane Assembly Jig in dismounted condition:

SRAM's Biplane Assembly JigI've assembled my jig in about 15 minutes. I also discovered that this Biplane Assembly Jig is also helpful when decaling painted models - sometimes I wish I had 4 hands while trying to attach tiny photoetch pieces together or decaling the model. This jig is really a helpful hand. I really think this tool is really worth the investment. I'll post pics of my Eduard's 1/48 Ni-17 on the biplane assembly jig later. All I can say that I'm really happy to see my Nieuport with both wings attached :) All the pics of the Jig are via Modelimex.

Highly recommended! ;)


The most shocking and the most inspiring diorama?

Well, this one diorama here is truelly shocking and the most macabre diorama I've ever seen. According to my information the diorama was built in 10 years by brothers Jake and DinoChapman. This is very crazy and horrifing..

New way of making in flight diorama

Found this one on Aeroscale forums. This indeed is very genius way of making in flight diorama.

Thanx to Frank from Aeroscale forums. Follow the link to see the whole article.

in-flight diorama

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