Here's the place modellers and collectors needed and wished for long time ago - Swapey.com (at least I did =)

Swapey.com is the site that is totally dedicated to collecting and modelling as well. You can find all sorts of very interesting information about different subject modelling: tanks, dioramas, aircrafts, figures, etc.

Swapey - where the collectors meet
The main thing I love the most the Swapey.com is that ranking features, which allows you voting for every model that appears on Swapey. This feature also makes it easy to post your opinion in comments thus having an almost interactive communication with other modellers. I always wanted to ask some of the most respected modellers by me the secrets of their techniques, but I rarely can get their e-mails to write them, but most of us are fed up with spam and therefore most of us are not willing to uncover the address.

Anyway, Swapey.com is a really great online collectors' and modellers' community and really worth registering there now as you get the possibility to win a prize - 100$ worth models of your choise from Swapey.

Hope to meet you @ Swapey.com!


More pics of Sram's Biplane Assembly Jig

Took some pics of Sram's biplane assembly jig with 48's scale Ni-17 on the jig. That's one of the best modeling tool I've purchased this year. Here're the pics:

biplane assembly jig
biplane assembly jig
biplane assembly jig
biplane assembly jig
biplane assembly jigRoman had posted a comment - wondering if this jig would help building 1/72 kits. I have Roden's Fokker D.VII 1/72 kit I think of giving a try - my guess would be that Sram's biplane assembly jig would also help building 1/72 kits and helping to attach the top wings. Anyway, I'll have to try it myself.

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