New Rise of Flight video

Yeah, yeah.. Another "Rise of Flight" video. Actually this one is not just another air simulator video. This one really looks like a real World War 1 scene. And this one is in colour! Absolutelly astonishing!
This one is 1st air combat video that in some places is like watching scenes from "Flyboys" or "Red Baron" movies. Very intense and very colourful!


Eduard 1/32 Bf 109 E-1 Review

Brett Green from Hyperscale.com made Eduard's 1/32 scale Bf 109 E-1 video review. This is something new! I've never seen anything like this. I also have noticed that video quality is much better (probably new equipment).

Anyway, I must confess that this is a very interesting review and, guys, I think I need the kit... ;]

Here's the video:

My local hobby shop - www.Zoomomania.com now sells Eduard's 1/32 scale Bf 109 E-1 Profipack kit for $ 47.22 (for EU customers; $ 39.02 for outside EU). Ang I guess I need one =]

Eduard 1/32 scale plastic model kit Bf 109E-1


Vector news

Sergey Kosachev (aka Vector) published pics of his new resin model kit - 1/48 scale Hs-126. Well, we can expect nothing but pleasant build, knowing that Vector is Tamigawa of resin kits in terms of easy builds. Here're pics published by Sergey:

Vector also started selling Gnome 9b "Monosoupape" 1/32 resin replacement engine.

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