Shots of New Eduard's Fokker Dr.1 Triplane

Eduard has published pics of their forthcoming 1/48 Fokker Dr.1, which will be featured in some sort of "Royal Kit". Here're the contents of the box according to Eduard:
  • 2 complete kits - Albatros D.V & Fokker Dr.I
  • 4 sheets of photo-etch
  • 3 decal sheets for 10 marking variants
  • 2 sheets of the canopy mask
  • Printed portraits of Richthofen brothers
  • High quality resin figures of Richthofen brothers and their dog
  • 1/3 scale Pour le Mérite pin
Der rote Flieger
Very interesting are the pics of the built 1/48 Fokker Dr.1 triplane - new Eduard's creation. This is definitelly the long awaited kit - the other 1/48 decent Dr.1 kit was manufactured by Dragon and is very rare. The only place, I guess, you can get Dragon's 1/48 Fokker Dr.1 is eBay.

New Eduard's creation looks much better than old Dragon's. The wing detail on Ed's model looks more convincing than Dragon's. Especially pull down between the wing ribs. See it for yourself:

The left picture shows Dragon's kit - the pull down is obviously overdown. While the second picture (on the right side) shows new Ed's built fokker - you can see how subtle are the wing ribs and pull down is almost invisible.

What frightenes me the most is this picture here:

It shows that model is quite hard center so it seats straight on its leg - I guess this can be caused by point of view that the photo was taken and this point of view causes that obvious asymmetry. But who said building WW1 aircrafts is easy? ;)

Another feature that I love about this "Royal" kit are Richthoffen brothers and dog figures. Those look just awesome and will surelly can be built into 1st class WW1 airfield diorama:

Richthoffen brothersYou also get the option to choose from 10 colour schemes (4 for Albatros and 6 for Fokker kits):

This kit is definitelly a good news for every a WW1 1/48 scale modeller, but no doubt a bad news for a WW1 1/48 scale modeller budget... ;)


"Der Rote Baron" ("The Red Baron")

"The Red Baron" - the movie I'm waiting to see the most! It features WW1 aircrafts and "dogfight" scenes. Anyway, see it for yourself:


First shots of Hasegawa's 1/32 P-40E

Aeroscale.co.uk published some really tasty shots of Hasegawa's brand new 1/32 scale P-40E. Seems the model will feature very smooth delicate details and very interesting colour scheme. I guess I know the next big hit ;) All the photos are here.

PS. Check out that awesome pilot figure!

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