P-51C Mustang 1/48 Tamiya - Unbeatable Natural Metall Finish

Here's another astonishing build by Japanese modeller who name I unfortunatelly don't know. I've already mentioned him in the previous post.

So this time you'll be able to find out how to do a natural metal finish. You probably already know that is very difficult to get a natural metall finish look on the plastic model. Some modellers use metal foil to get as natural as metal can be ;)

Ok, less talking - more action. Here're some excellent pics of the build Mustang P-51C in 1/48 scale (Tamiya) with some minor modifications.

P-51C Mustang 1/48 Tamiya - Natural Metal Finish
Here's another great sample of Natural Metal Finish. This time it's P-47N1/48 built from Tamiya's kit with some serious modifications and "plastic surgery" ;)

P-47N Thunderbolt 1/48 Tamiya - Li'l Meaties' MEAT CHOPPER flown by Lt. Oscar F. PerdomoHere's how the author describes his method of doing Natural Metal Finish:

"Hybrid Painting Method" for natural metal
This method is hybrid of airbrush and brush painting. First, Mr.color's Super Metallic Chrome Silver was sprayed (slightly mixed #2 black). Second, Mr.color's Chrome Silver (straight from the bottle) was drybrushed on the sprayed surface. Drybrushed silver can express hairlines on the natural matal surface. Detailed painting method is as follows.
#1000 surfacer -> #8 Silver (for the base) -> Chrome Silver + #2 Black (spraying) -> Chrome Silver (drybrushing) -> #46 Clear (spraying) -> Markings(Yellow, Olive Drab, Insignia, etc) -> #2000 sand paper polishing (only for marking portions) -> decals -> #46 Clear & #30+46 Flat Clear (only for Olive Drab portion) -> weathering

(Quote from this article)


Tony Bell said...

The builder is a fellow by the name of Jun Temma, who lives in Kobe, Japan. I've swapped emails with him, and in addition to being an outstanding modeler, he's a nice guy to boot.

Jook said...

Tonny, really thank you for the information!

You might let him know that I do like his works and he might sometimes post some of his works here?

Thank you a lot!

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