Very interesting P-47 video


P-47D Razorback seat

Here's the explanation for the previous post. I mentioned the area behind 
the pilot's seat and I that started to modify Tamiya's kit part. Here's the way I see it:


These are the pics of perfectly painted and very good built Tamiya 1/48 Razorback Jugs. I admire work those modelers did. I just want to show that certain area. I can you see, that the bar sticks to the wall behindthe seat. And here're some pics taken during the WW2:


I hope I've made my position clear now =]

further progress on P-47

I've moved further with my P-47 building process. I've put aside FW-190 as I accidently dropped the airbrush jar filled with acrylic thinner on the model, so I have to repaint the certain starboard upperside wing area. I'm little tired of finishing it and in order not ruin it completelly 
I put it aside. 

The Jugg seems to be more interesting. At least at the moment. As every model, it has its own pitfalls, which seems quite noticable to me. That's why I always try to correct those "imperfections".

I found out that the cockpit of Gerald Johnson P-47D-1-Re should be painted Dark Dull Green. I already painted the cockpit parts (actually overpainted - as I had made mistake coloring it all Interior Green) with Vallejo acrylic paint. I also received Edaurd photoetch "Zoom" set for the model and glued those tiny parts in place. I also "modified" instrument panel with Eduard's wonderful PE. Here're couple of pics:

The quality of the pics above is very poor as I took them with the my mobile phone camera. 

I also decided to modify the wall behind the pilot's seat as I noticed that shoulder belts should hang on the bar behind the seat, not on the seat itself. Tamiya's made that bar shot with the wall - there's no space between the wall and that bar, so it's obvious that most modellers put those belts layed on the seat. I will post the pics of the area later to convince you, Reader =]

Here's my modified part (which needs some minor filling and sanding):

"All for now..."

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