Some cool builds for your Christmas and New Year

Found some really great in-progress forum posts that will keep your "modelling fever" temperature high during holidays :)

The first one is from agiosdimitrios from theaerodrome.com WW1 aircraft modelling forum. It's particulary interesting because of some really great in-progress pics of how to build WW1 aircraft spoked wheels. This forum post also features some great photo manual of rigging.

Another one is 1/32 F-4D Phantom build by Daniel Zamarbide called "Midnight Cowboy" in 6 parts:

As usual for Daniel all his builds come as small tutorials where you can always learn something new. Highly recommended! ;)


1/32 F-15c

Found great video about super detailed 1/32 F-15c Eagle. That's really astonishing example of super detailing!


WW1 and WW2 photos


One of the fellow WW1 and WW2 aviation from Russia have published his collection of the pics found on eBay. There're many photo scans of German, French, Russian, British, American aircrafts during the both conflicts. Some really interesting examples. Recommended!


Tamiya Zero A6M5

One of my favorite modelling masters Jun Temma translated his building feature article from Japanese to Engish. So now you can also see some interesting in-progress tips and advices on building Tamiya's Mitsubishi A6M5/5a Zero.
Mr. Temma shares some very well investigated geometry issues of both Hasegawa's and Tamiya's kits.

Tamiya's Mitsubishi A6M5/5a Zero



Mi-2 Weathering

Couple of days ago found great photo showing some signs of heavy weathering. For all heavy weathered warbirds' fans.

This is Russian Mi-24 Hind


Russian Helicopters

After the long period of silence, I'm finally back with some stuff for you.

Anyway, here're some photos for all your helicopter fans. These were taken in the Museum of Helicopters in Torzhok (Russia). What I also like about these photos is that it's possible to see some decent sign of weathering - that you also apply on your models. Here're some of the pics that link to page with the photos. Enjoy:


Russia from Focke-Wulf Fw-189 photos

Great forum post with HQ WW2 pictures. Very recommended for all Luftwaffe WW2 enthusiasts.

Fw-189 WW2


Hobby Shop Reviews

Sorry for being offline for so long. Actually I've been online. I was making scale modelling online hobby shop review site: purchased domain and Wordpress scripit. Configuered it all to work together. VoilĂ  - Roxter.info is born.

Feel free to contact me for hobby shop suggestions or site design advices, comments or critique. Please welcome and enjoy -

Roxter.info - Scale Modeling Online Shop Reviews & Ratings.

PS. Why "Roxter"? It's "call sign" I use on Aeroscale.co.uk forum. I felt it's easy to remember. :)


Model photo & Background

Brett Green is known all over Internet and aircraft scale modelling community as a master of taking model photos with the appopriate backgrounds. Most of his model have the photos when it's hard to tell whether it's a real a/c or a scale model. Here're some examples:

Brett also shares his tricks of taking aircraft model pictures with backgrounds here.

taking scale aircraft model pictures with background by Brett GreenPS. Yeah, that's the model actually. Not real Focke Wulf as you might think it is.


New Rise of Flight video

Yeah, yeah.. Another "Rise of Flight" video. Actually this one is not just another air simulator video. This one really looks like a real World War 1 scene. And this one is in colour! Absolutelly astonishing!
This one is 1st air combat video that in some places is like watching scenes from "Flyboys" or "Red Baron" movies. Very intense and very colourful!


Eduard 1/32 Bf 109 E-1 Review

Brett Green from Hyperscale.com made Eduard's 1/32 scale Bf 109 E-1 video review. This is something new! I've never seen anything like this. I also have noticed that video quality is much better (probably new equipment).

Anyway, I must confess that this is a very interesting review and, guys, I think I need the kit... ;]

Here's the video:

My local hobby shop - www.Zoomomania.com now sells Eduard's 1/32 scale Bf 109 E-1 Profipack kit for $ 47.22 (for EU customers; $ 39.02 for outside EU). Ang I guess I need one =]

Eduard 1/32 scale plastic model kit Bf 109E-1


Vector news

Sergey Kosachev (aka Vector) published pics of his new resin model kit - 1/48 scale Hs-126. Well, we can expect nothing but pleasant build, knowing that Vector is Tamigawa of resin kits in terms of easy builds. Here're pics published by Sergey:

Vector also started selling Gnome 9b "Monosoupape" 1/32 resin replacement engine.


WW2 photo archive

Found great online phot archive dedicated to World War 2. It features airplane, vehicle, people, ship, event, etc. pictures. Some even in colour. Very interesting and worth digging it deeper. ;]

World War II Database


Inspiration works

Here're some inspiration works for your Tuesday morning:

Martin B-26C Marauder 1/48 progress buildZamarbide's Martin B-26C Marauder 1/48 progress build Monogram
Zamarbide's Martin B-26C Marauder 1/48 progress buildZamarbide's Martin B-26C Marauder 1/48 progress build Monogram
Martin B-26C MarauderHasegawa P-47D 1/32 by Jerry:

Hasegawa P-47D 1/32 stressed skin
Hasegawa P-47D 1/32 stressed skinHasegawa P-47D 1/32 stressed skin
Just love that stressed skin effect! Very inspiring!


First Hasegawa's 1/48 Biplane?

That's something really unusual and interesting - Hasegawa's first 1/48 biplane - MITSUBISHI F1M2 TYPE ZERO OBSERVATION SEAPLANE (PETE) MODEL 11 (WWII Japanese Navy). I can't recall any other biplane 1/48 scale item fron the mentioned Japanese manufacturer. Subject model looks really unusual and frankly speaking I would love to have it in my collection.

What is also odd - Hasegawa's also announced photoecth set for this item with the following subject covered in the set:
"Rigging wire, instrument panel, oilcooler mesh, reinforcement plate of main float and the fin of 60kg bomb etc…"

Here're more subject pics from Hobbybuy.com:

1/48 Mitsubishi F1M2 Type Zero Observation Seaplane (Pete) Model 11
1/48 HAsegawa Mitsubishi F1M2 Type Zero Observation Seaplane (Pete) Model 11
1/48 Mitsubishi F1M2 Type Zero Observation Seaplane (Pete) Model 11
1/48 Mitsubishi F1M2 Type Zero Observation Seaplane (Pete) Model 11
1/48 Mitsubishi F1M2 Type Zero Observation Seaplane (Pete) Model 11

New Rise of Flight video

This video here need no comments or description at all. Watch and enjoy!


Gustav G-10 in progress

Some pics of my 1/48 Hasegawa Bf-109G-10 in-progress pics. Resin MDC (I guess the master was made by Vincent K.) cockpit is in its place. Well, quite obvious the level of detailisation is higher than in original Hasegawa kit.

1/48 Bf-109G-10 MDC resin cockpit1/48 Bf-109G-10 MDC resin cockpitBoth sides are already painted, but not yet weathered. I also have to decal instrument panel and prepair Revi gunsight.

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